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We love music.

Alan holds a B.I.S. in piano performance from Georgia State University (magna cum laude); and an M.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe. Alan encourages his students to learn to write the music that they love, whatever that may be. He helps you make sense of how you compose music and unlock your inner composer.

Stephen Dydo DMA – Composition and Music Theory
D.M.A. Columbia University, M.A. Columbia University, B.A. Columbia University.

Stephen Dydo is a graduate of Columbia University. A composer of more than fifty works, his music has been performed by both chamber groups and orchestras in the United States and abroad. Including the Gregg Smith Singers, Stitching Combinatie van Utrechtse Muziekbelangen, New Calliope Singers, Group for Contemporary Music, and the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble.

Dr. Dydo continues to work as a freelance guitarist and conductor, performing in various national venues with the Gregg Smith Singers, the Group for Contemporary Music, and the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble. A founding member of the Composers’ Ensemble, he has lectured nationally regarding his participation in the group. Dr. Dydo is the recipient of such prestigious grants and awards as the Fulbright Research Grant, the American Music Center grant, the National Endowment for the Arts grant, the Johnson Composers’ Conference grant, the Joseph Bearns Prize, and the BMI Young Composers’ Award.

Stephen brings 30 years of experience teaching in the community music school setting. He is a patient teacher who engages his students and shares his love of music.

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