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Guitar lessons

Kevin Collins – GUITAR
Tom Williams – GUITAR, BASS & PIANO

Kevin Collins – GUITAR 

Kevin is a graduate of the Hartt School in Classical Guitar. In New York, he appeared at Windows on the World in the World Trade Center and at The Rainbow Room, and taught guitar at Columbia Univeristy. Formerly, Kevin was Guitar Faculty at the University of Massachusetts Music Department Performing Arts Division. Kevin teaches all kinds of music and uses songs to teach music theory.

Tom Williams – GUITAR, PIANO & BASS 

Tom is an accomplished jazz guitarist, as well as folk, acoustic, and electric styles. He plays the Jerry Garcia part in the band Dead Collective. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Tom’s music degree is in jazz bass, both acoustic upright and electric, from the University of Arizona. And he has played and taught piano for many years. Whatever your interest, Tom will help you have the most fun with your instrument. Check out his website at tomwilliamsguitar.com

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