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Welcome to the Red Barn. Over the last 20+ years, literally hundreds and hundreds of people have come to the Red Barn to share the joy of music making. Located on Main St in Amherst, we are handicapped accessible, with lots of free parking and buses, and rentals for beginners. All ages and levels are welcome.

OPEN HOUSE Sunday Sept 17 – noon to 4pm

  • Meet the teachers, try the instruments
  • Open registration
  • Free cookies and drinks
  • Questions? Contact Us

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The Red Barn welcomes

  • Hannah Howell, voice & piano
  • Stephen Dydo – Violin & Guitar
  • Carol Hutter – violin & viola
  • Scott Pemrick – trumpet & trombone
  • Stephen Dydo PhD, violin & guitar

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Scholarships Friends of the Red Barn

Thank you kind person who recently made a sizeable donation to the Red Barn Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, both financial and in kindness, we are able to offer scholarships so that anyone who has the desire but not necessarily the means can have music in their life. For more info, please talk to Kevin.

Without the support of many, in both donations and kind wishes, the Red Barn would not be able to reach so many happy children today. Please consider donating to the Friends of the Red Barn, our nonprofit 501c3 organization, so that kids can take music based on desire and not just means. Thank you for your support.

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