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Guitar Lessons

Looking for a guitar teacher? We play all kinds of music, beginning and advanced, acoustic and electric. Let us help you unlock your talent

We love music.

Kevin Collins – GUITAR
Karl Rausch – GUITAR
Tom Williams – GUITAR, PIANO & BASS

Kevin Collins - GUITAR
Kevin Collins – GUITAR

Kevin is a graduate of the Hartt School of Music in Classical Guitar. Formerly, Kevin was Guitar Faculty at the University of Massachusetts Performing Arts Division. You can still visit his Guitar at UMass website. Kevin teaches acoustic and electric guitar and uses songs to introduce you to music theory.

Karl Rausch – GUITAR
Karl Rausch has been studying, performing, and composing music for over thirty years. After graduating from Berklee College in Boston, he played in Germany. Karl worked with New York jazz saxophonist Marion Brown, touring and recording. He also worked with Hungarian singer and composer Agnes Zsigmondi, performing original, as well as, traditional folk music. In Western Mass, Karl plays solo and big band gigs. Karl is a careful, patient teacher. He loves watching his student grow and succeed at guitar.

Tom Williams, Guitar, Bass, Piano Lessons
Tom Williams – GUITAR, PIANO & BASS

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Tom’s music degree is in the bass, both acoustic upright and electric, from the University of Arizona. Tom is also an accomplished jazz guitarist, as well as folk, acoustic, and electric styles. He plays the part of Gerry Garcia in the Dead Collective Band. Whatever your interest, Tom will help you have the most fun with your instrument. Check out his website at tomwilliamsguitar.com

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